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apparel retailing

The Essence of Omni-Channel Apparel Retailing

Retailing in any industry today can’t rest on its laurels. Customers expect to be met through a variety of channels, and may even purchase products through several of those channels. Even customers with a...

open-to-buy planning

5 Step to Better Retail Planning

Weekly, monthly, and seasonal retail planning is a necessary component to profitability. If you do not plan effectively, you could lose money. With the right open-to-buy tool, however, you can get through all of...

apparel retailing

Retail Merchandising Has Never Been Easier

In retail, the money is made in merchandising. Without products to sell, there is no retail business. You can’t sell what you don’t have. Of course, different retail businesses approach merchandising in different ways....

web order fulfillment

How Do You Fulfill Web Orders?

One of the things that makes Amazon a leader in the online retail market is its robust web order fulfillment system. Of course, Amazon also is capable of selling merchandise at the best prices...

apparel retailing

Apparel Retailing: 5 Tips for Staying Competitive

All sectors of retail are challenging and competitive, but there’s something about the apparel industry that makes retailing especially competitive. For one thing, customers are picky about their clothes. Everyone wants to look good,...

retail merchandising

6 Merchandising Tips for Any Type of Retail Store

Every type of retail store has its own unique aspects to merchandising, customer service, etc. But there are some commonalities, as well. The following six tips should be useful to any type of retail...

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